About Us

Giving Small Businesses The Big Business Treatment

I'm Michael, founder of Wideman Web Designs. My journey into web design & development began over 10 years ago. Seeking a career that allowed me to work from home while watching my daughter grow, I spent 8 years teaching myself Webflow and the ins and outs of web design. With determination, I started reaching out to small businesses, offering my assistance in web development.

What I discovered is that many small businesses face constraints when it comes to allocating thousands of dollars upfront for a new website. Those who could afford it often fell victim to subpar designs that seemed outdated and disconnected from modern trends. They found themselves in a frustrating dilemma: either unable to afford a quality website, or uncertain of whom to trust for exceptional results. In response, I adjusted my business model to better serve their requirements, thus birthing the $0 down and $150 per month model. This approach is more feasible for small businesses, ensuring that their financial well-being remains intact.

Michael Wideman


Quality Over Quantity

At the core of our approach lies a deep focus on understanding the unique needs of each business. We meticulously tailor content to highlight what sets your business apart. Through our collaborative process, we engage closely with you, ensuring that every aspect of your website reflects your vision. Our goal is not merely to deliver a website you settle for, but one that truly resonates with you, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

No Pre-Written Content

We craft compelling and distinct content tailored specifically to your company. We believe in celebrating the uniqueness of each entity!

Unbeatable Customer Service

No automated systems here - When you require assistance, the lead developer personally answers your call.

No Limits On Design

We have the capability to adjust the design to suit your preferences. Every aspect is customizable!

Get started with a 5-page small business website for $0 down!